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Transcribe Your Sermon

Transcribe Your Sermon is dedicated to the service of transcribing your sermons. We provide affordable rates and quick turn-around of your edited verbatim transcriptions. Want to spread God’s word past your congregation? We do too and we can help!...


Why Transcribe?

  • Outreach to anyone who may not have the time to listen or watch your material

  • Outreach to those not attending your service

  • Visitors considering attending your church will be more likely to read your sermon rather than take the time to load and listen to the audio or video version

  • Opportunity to minister to those who are in prison

  • Outreach to missionaries overseas or those in remote places who have limited internet access

  • Allows your message to be accessible to those who may want to review the material or share it with friends, co-workers, or family members

  • People are more likely to skim the written word than skip through an audio or video file

  • The transcript can be printed for Bible study materials, archival purposes, etc

  • The transcript can be used to reach out to the hearing impaired

  • PDF or Word files are smaller than audio/video files, so they load quicker and don’t take up as much space on one’s electronic device or your server


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  • Daily Scripture

    For every beast of the forest is mine, the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the birds of the hills, and all that moves in the field is mine. — Psalm 50:10-11 (ESV)
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