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Frequently Asked Questions

What is transcription?

The act or process of making a typed copy of spoken material.


How long does transcription take?
On average 3 hours per sermon. It depends on the length and quality of the audio file as well as the tempo of the speaker’s speech. This does not include the editing process.


How large can the files be?
There is no limit to file size.


What is your file preference?
Mp3 files are preferred. If you post the files on your website, TYS can download them from there.


From pulpit to paper…how quickly can it happen?
Upon receiving the audio file, your transcription will be sent to you within 2-4 days.

If transcription is needed with 24 hours, an extra $5 charge will be added to your bill.


What is Dropbox?
Dropbox is an online file-sharing service that is free. A folder will be created specifically for you, which only you and TYS will be able to see. That specified folder will allow for your audio files and our transcripts to be exchanged, all with just a few clicks. If you choose to receive your transcripts through Dropbox (rather than email), TYS will inform you via email when the transcript has been uploaded to your folder.


What is edited verbatim transcription?
Your sermon transcribed verbatim with the following edits…

  • Omits stutters, over-used words and phrases (i.e. “Umm,” “like,” “you know,” “and so”)

  • Omits sound effects unless absolutely necessary for explanatory and content reasons

  • Edit scripture used so it matches the Bible version used

  • Rearrange sentence structures using your words for better readability

  • Omits superfluous or inside jokes that are not relevant to the content of the sermon

  • Omits “in-house” comments (i.e. “Hey Joe, nice to have you back” or “take the Bible in the pew in front of you” or “Let me fix my mic”)

  • If words are inaudible or the audio glitches, it will be marked as [garbled]


    Have more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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